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The world's most engaging virtual leadership training

Whether you are trying to get your learning and development program off the ground, or are looking to supplement it with a hyper engaging format, ActionClass can help you deliver full engagement in an easy to use, out of the box solution.

Based on the world’s best business and personal development books, ActionClass gets the most out of your development time.

The world’s most engaging virtual class experience

During the crisis, we worked with executive coaches and leadership development programs around the world to create a learning format that would allow them to keep learners fully engaged remotely.

The result? A learning process that current and future leaders love. In fact, many of them tell is it’s the most engaging learning experience they have ever participated in.

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12 months of classes across 36 critical competencies

Over the last decade, we’ve worked with leadership development programs at some of the world’s most respected brands to produce a collection of micro-learning content that maps to the competency models they have created.

With ActionClass you’ll be joining a community of leaders from around the world, committed to putting those competencies into action.

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A proven process to turn knowledge into action and results

For years, learning leaders have been trying to figure out how to get their people to apply what they learn back on the job. With ActionClass, we’ve solved that problem, for good.

Understand who is taking action from what they are learning, and even more importantly, drive better business results.

With ActionClass, we’ve cracked that code on turning learning into action and results.

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What are people saying about ActionClass?

The feedback we have been getting about ActionClass is incredible. The most common feedback we get is that for the first time, they’ve got full engagement in their leadership development programs.

But you don’t need to take our word for it. Watch this quick video describing the feedback we’ve been getting from leaders, as well as a full case study on how one leader has created a leadership development program from scratch using the program…three times.

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