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Are you struggling to
get your team engaged in remote learning?

91% of team leaders admit to struggling to get their team to make time for learning, apply what they learn, or both.

During the crisis, this problem is both harder to solve, and more important than ever.

We’ve solved this problem remotely for hundreds of companies around the world, and would like to show you how we can do that for you and your leaders.

Keep reading (or watch this video) if you’d like to learn how.

Conversations with Leaders in the Crisis

We spoke to leaders from around the world. Here’s what they told us.

Struggling to keep their employees engaged in learning.

Looking for a flexible solution that works well virtually.


Short, powerful, remote learning experiences.

Engage your team with 45 minute group learning sessions, based on best-selling business and personal development books, designed to get your team engaged in learning and taking action.

Step #1

Choose a book from our summary library, and book your meeting.

With hundreds of books to choose from in topics like sales, marketing, leadership and personal development, you’ll never run out of ActionClasses to run.


Personal Development


ActionClass Topics

Here is a partial list of the workshop topics we have available


Having Difficult Conversations

Leading In a Crisis

Hiring A Players

Developing A Players

Turning Coaches Into Managers

Performance Management

Employee Engagement

Personal Development

Building Relationships


Rethinking Positive Thinking

Developing Grit

Building Great Habits

Dealing with Stress

Personal Goal Setting



Marketing for Sales

Selling to Big Companies


Asking Great Sales Questions

Body Language for Sales

Closing the Deal

Step #2

Get together online or in person, and follow the ActionClass meeting agenda.

We give you step-by-step instructions on how to run an ActionClass virtually, so anybody on your team can host a class. Here is the agenda you’ll follow:

Introduction to ActionClass


Watch/listen to book summary


Individuals generate ideas for action


Breakouts in groups of 2-3


Regroup and commit to action


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This week's featured leadership summary: The Coaching Habit

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