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We summarize the world’s most important and popular business books into 12 minute videos, audios, and text, so that you never miss another big idea again. Our members say that our summaries are by far the best on the market.

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The biggest use case for our service is deciding which books you should invest your most precious commodity in: your time. Quickly learn which books are relevant to what you are working on right now.

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Ever tried to get your team to read a book, or start an internal book club? can help ensure that no matter how busy you or your team are, you can stay engaged in new ideas and create a shared language of growth.

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Andre W. Thornton, CEO, Whitman Consulting

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Utilize all of our tools and tactics to grow your solopreneur business



Utilize all of our tools and tactics to grow your solopreneur business


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Utilize all of our tools and tactics to grow your solopreneur business

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